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On 28 July 1958, coming from Florida a group of former Haitian military officers landed in Délugé, in the north of Haiti's capital. In no time they conquer the "Dessaline barracks" located behind the National Palace. Their plan: overthrowing President, Dr. François Duvalier elected a year ago. The group includes former Capitain Alix "Sonson" Pasquet, and former Lieutenants Henri "Riquet" Perpignan and Phillipe "Fito" Dominique accompanied by five American soldiers of fortune. A fierce battle between Duvalier and his attackers is waged, which in the end is won by Duvalier. The night of 28th to 29th of June 1958 will significantly shape Haiti's political history as 29 years of brutal and repressive Duvalier dictatorship follow.


Mario Delatour


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