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Delta Force leader Skip Lang (Jim Fitzpatrick) and his elite combat team of soldiers destroy a large shipment of cocaine, angering drug lord Umberto Salvatore (Danny Keogh). To take revenge, Umberto and his men hijack a nuclear submarine and set its deadly course for New York City -- murdering one of Skip's men in the process. With the help of computer hacker Ariana (Darcy LaPier), the vengeful Skip must figure out how to use a satellite to regain control of the ship and bring Umberto down.


Mark Roper


Kevin Scannell, Robert Cuccioli, Norman Coombes, McKee Anderson, Chris Buchanan, Steven Raymond, Tracy Lee Cundill, Keith Van Hoven, Stan Tak, Kenneth Nta, Kobus Fourie, Maki Kossioris, Mike Ford, Dante Laudati, Sandy Pillay, Kurt Huber, Jurgen Hellberg, Max Morini, Mario Bjorkman, Joe Clarke, Brendan Pollecutt, Ricardo Coen, Hal Orlandini, Malcolm Gooding, Patrick Lyster, Jo da Silva, John Carson, Ron Smerczak, James Whyle, Cliff Guimares, Ian Yule, Justin Illusion, Richard Nta, David Butler, Drummond Marais, Mario Krastanov, Bruce Mackintosh, Paul Harris, Clive Scott, Douglas Bristow, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Danny Keogh, David Dukas, Darcy LaPier, Gavin Hood, John Simon Jones, Greg Collins, Bryan Genesse, Jim Fitzpatrick

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