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Miss Candida




Comedy series about a very English lady who shakes things up in the very Afrikaans town of Brakkiesfontein. After the death of her father, miss Candida Wilbur-Browning decides to leave England and to settle in a small town in the Transvaal, where her brother runs the police station. She is shocked to discover that her new hometown is an out-of-the-way ghost town with no more than a handful of inhabitants. But it doesn’t take this English lady to start organising everybody to clean up and fix the town, especially after her brother lands in hospital and she stands in as police commissioner. She even renames the town to “Dogstown” and hoists the British flag at the police station. Instead of alienating the townsfolk, however, her charm and fair sense of justice quickly makes her a firm favourite.


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Ann Shaw, Ian Yule, Philip van der Byl, Anthony Chase, Willem Loots, Gabriel Bayman, Clive Scott, Graham Armitage, Peter Elliot, Claire Marshall

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