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Childen's series about different animals and their habits and characteristics. Each week Zoot tells a story about a different animal friend, including Ted Tadpole, Fred Frog, Doby Dog, Absentminded the kitten, Horsely Horse and Vitamin B and Buzzy the two busy bees. The characters were made of cardboard and were manipulated by black-clad puppeteers against a black background. In 1980, a spin-off was broadcast: in Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, Zoot presented his own pop music show.


Roelna Louw


Roelna Louw, Mel Miller, Erica Rogers, Annabel Linder

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Episode 1 : Tadpole Ted

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Dec. 14, 1979

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Zoot tells the story about Tadpole Ted, whose biggest ambition was to become a big fat frog with strong legs and a big mouth. One day, Ted feels ill and his tail falls off. His best friend Felos Fish explains that he is growing into an adult frog. Ted changes his name to Fred Frog and sets off to discover the world outside the water.

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